Driving in the Fog of UAE – Top 10 Tips

Ending summer days offer open arms to winters. Fog days lead to poor visibility that makes driving in the fog, a major obstacle. This is a situation where you cannot close the eyes of such risks and even drivers. Probably this happens, so avoid the roads under such conditions. The weather forecast seems to try to listen to them. You cannot focus, but if they are boring, they can save your life if you are aware of it. If you learn some of the driving rules in the UAE, you do not need to read brochures anytime when you want to drive on roads during the summer even if you are availing rental car Dubai services.

Winter is coming:

Different living in the Middle East is like some wise men and wise men, but you should check these two things if you do not want to spread in this scattered mist if you do not. There is no arrangement of a defense system in the emergency situation.


 Be sure to sit in the mooring area that your windows and mirrors are clean. Stains and marks can reduce the sight of the fog that may fall into sight, even light that is farther away from you.

Mis is misleading:

Mis can be misleading, it shows something is far away, but it’s actually close. Then drive within a speed limit, which can at least be controlled so you avoid brakes and accelerate faster

More is not better:

You can use high bars to clearly enhance visions, but it has an opposite effect. This can reduce visibility due to more moisture in the fog. Therefore, the headlights are better to avoid more accidents in the fog.

Better late:

Impatience can lead to greater risk to your life. If you go fast, you’ll need extra time before you go to an emergency meeting. Drive slowly, keep driving and spend extra time instead of changing your roads and not knowing how far your vehicle is from other vehicles.

Stay on the edge:

Stay on the edge of this road, this is one of the biggest points that helps you focus on the road in an extremely bad situation.

Keep the distance:

Try not to get close to a car in front of your car without clearing the distance between your car and another vehicle. Keep enough distance that the other car gets the chance if it suddenly lowers.

Keep focus:

What to do is keep focus while driving, tell your partners in the car to stay quiet or their cell phones, laptops or devices that can force your vision away from the road. A look at their devices can lead a “night blindness” for a while.

Look forward to:

Look at the traffic signal, light, and gently pull the road that could be placed as warning signs, and try not to look here and there, focus only on the car’s hood. Drivers have a natural power to keep their eyes on the hood because that’s the only thing you can see instead of moving your head.

Edge loser:

If it’s so hard and you cannot even track the edge of the road that you should track on the car’s headlights. All lights forward or back for yourself and for other vehicles to feel that something is on.